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Meet Jenni

Counselling / Coaching

I help my clients to feel better about the issues they are facing without the need for extensive periods of therapy.

Underpinning all the work I do, is an underlying belief that all human beings have the ability to improve their lives. We never stop learning, and so the potential for personal development and growth is always there.


While life is inevitably uncertain and challenging at times, it’s also too short to be permanently stuck, anxious or depressed.


With this in mind, my coaching/therapy practice is not just designed to help you to understand the past but to also move you forwards with your life so that you can start to feel happy and fulfilled once more.

Jenni Coaching and Counselling Bellagray
School based counselling and coaching with Bellagray

School-based work

Helping schools to improve the wellbeing of their community without costly gimmicks.

Having spent many years as a teacher and school leader, I understand the difficulties facing schools today. For me, the most important thing is keeping great teachers in the classroom because the next generation of children need consistent and confident professionals to inspire them.


However, good teachers also need great leaders. People who create the right school culture that gets the best out of the whole school community. My school-based work involves:

  • Helping school leaders to create a climate that improves staff retention, reduces absenteeism and boosts performance

  • Working with teachers to improve self-awareness, wellbeing and confidence in their roles

  • Helping students who are anxious or lack confidence to increase resilience and realise their full potential


Coaching with Jenni has been instrumental about helping me to change my career.



Counselling has helped me a lot and I now feel very positive about the future.


Since I started working with you I feel so more aware of myself and my reactions to things. With this greater understanding I can stop holding myself back and be secure in who I am.

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