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Teens & Adolescents

Having worked with teens and adolescents for much of my working life, and being a parent myself, I am well placed to help you navigate this tricky part of your life.  I understand the challenges of growing up in an uncertain world with all the pressures of education, work, family and social life.

What I can help with

Ages 13-25 can be tricky and the transition to adulthood is rarely complete at 18.  Life can be extremely pressured, with life choices and decisions to be made at every turn.  You’re under constant scrutiny from society, parents, your peers and the media.  


Sometimes you feel really grown up, while at other times you can still feel quite vulnerable.  Physical and emotional changes means that you are not always ready to face the next challenge, yet there seems to be an expectation that you will just get on with it.

Using a range of counselling techniques, I can guide you through the issues you are facing and help you to explore the emotions that crop up so that you can be more resilient and confident when new pressures arise.  In addition, I will also use coaching techniques to ensure that you are not stuck in past behaviours and habits but are empowered to move forwards with your life.

I would not have got through my course and passed without Jenni’s interventions.

For the first time, I feel like I have had a counsellor that truly “gets me”.

At last, I finally feel like I understand myself and am now more confident about my future.

Moving to a new country and education system was very difficult and I am grateful that I worked with Jenni because I now feel more positive about everything.

It's so easy to talk to Jenni. She really listens and seems to understand exactly where I’m coming from.

I actually think things are possible now.

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